Jelly Jam Part 2

Here’s the Jelly Jam MPO Lead Card Final Round Part 2. Tim went to go play Visalia, so it’s just Kevin and me on the commentary. I’m almost done with Part 3, I just need to record the intro, render it, and then upload it. Kevin and I already rocked out the commentary. We had an epic recording session when I went back to the central coast for the weekend. We recorded 2 Jelly Jam vids, and Part 2 of the European Open for lcgm8.

After part 3 is done it’s on to the Santa Maria Open MPO lead card. Philo, Peter McBride, Jeff Faes, and Kyle Eckmann. Kyle did really well at Worlds this year, and played really well at Waller. Kevin was on the away camera, and I was on the behind the Tee camera so we got some great footage. We both shot in 60p (60 frames per second), so the video came out really smooth. They played 36 holes, and we got dual camera on almost all of them. It was a beautiful day at Waller, and they were playing some amazing disc, this one’s gonna be good. Unfortunately for you guys Youtube downgrades the video to 30 frames per second, so if you want a 60p copy on blu ray or for download, let me know and we can figure something out.

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