CCDG Update

Hey Gang!

So just a quick update on all things CCDG. Concerning the Wintertime Open stroke coverage vids, I’ve got 4 of 7 (30 min) vids ready for commentary. I should have the last 3 done by Easter, with the finished vids coming out shortly after that. We got some great footage. Alex Perez on Saturday, and Derek Kurtti on Sunday helped out with 2 camera coverage of the MPO lead card. Some big names, Paul McBeth, Philo Brathwaite, Simon Lizotte, Kyle Eckmann, Steve Rico, Nikko Locastro, and a couple other solid players.

In the great news department, the Amazing Stu Dunn filmed the Texas State Championships for CCDG. He filmed all 3 days, and filmed the chase card the last 2 days. So this will be footage you haven’t seen on other channels. Some really incredible disc golf.

I also went out and filmed a monthly at Morley Field. Max Nichols, and some other solid players showed up. I’ll edit this one once I’m done with the Wintertime Open vids.

CCDG at Masters Cup! Kevin and I will be heading to Masters Cup again in May. I’m REALLY hoping to get out next day vids. CCDG friend Stan Pratt has offered up his office’s super fast internet for uploads, and I’ll bust my butt editing, and doing commentary with Kevin at night.

I’m torn on what Kevin should film. MPO lead card 2nd cam? MPO chase card? FPO lead card? Opinions on the subject?

CCDG and friends are also headed to Sky High in a couple weeks to film a doubles round. I’ve heard this course is epic, and I can’t wait to play it. I’ve invited some really awesome players, should make for some great video.

What else are we filming this year? WORLDS!!! We’re definitely headed to Worlds. I’ve got a house booked, and this is happening. I’m not sure what cards I’ll follow due to so many other film crews. Might have to play it by ear. Maybe some Masters, FPO, or MPO chase card coverage. Again feel free to chime in here. Juha/LCGM8 is also coming to Worlds and staying with the CCDG crew. It’ll be awesome to meet and work with Juha on some disc golf vids. I hope to learn some from him, his editing skills are unparalleled.

That’s all I’m committed to so far this year, but we’ll do our best to cover big tourneys from SF to SD. Thanks for watching, you guys rock!



End of the Trail Classic and CCDG Update

Hi Guys!

So here is the End of the Trail Classic from Visalia, CA at Mooney Grove Park. I got the last 5 holes of the final round of MPO, and the final 9 holes after that. In other CCDG news I’ve got part 1 of the Santa Maria Open done. Part 2, 3, and 4 are gonna have to wait until I can get up to Paso and Record commentary with Kevin. I’m having a kid here in a couple weeks, so travelling to Paso is gonna be hard until xmas time. My hope is I can edit a bunch of vids, so when I go to Paso Robles Kevin and I can bang out a bunch of commentaries. Speaking of Kevin he and Tim are headed to Pinto Lake on Sunday to record the MPO final round of the NorCal Series Championships, it should be sweet! After that I’m sending the cameras to Bakersfield so our new CCDG homies Robert “Wookieee” Tomlinson and Dan Ford can record the Final 9 for us. So awesome of them!

We are gonna have a ton of awesome disc golf for you guys! 36 holes worth of Santa Maria Open vids, 23 or so holes from the San Diego Open, at least 18 holes from the NorCal Championships, and the Sharktooth Open. I also plan to film the Team Tournament down at Morley Field in San Diego. Should be some great disc there. I think that happens mid December. I just need to find time to edit all these vids! I wish it wasn’t as time consuming as it is, but all the little add ons take time.

I also recorded a commentary for LCGM8 with my friend Brett. We did the Copenhagen Open. Part 3 (the vid below), just came out today. We should be doing more with him in the future. Love me some LCGM8 vids!

Anyway, hope you like the vids!

Jelly Jam Part 2

Here’s the Jelly Jam MPO Lead Card Final Round Part 2. Tim went to go play Visalia, so it’s just Kevin and me on the commentary. I’m almost done with Part 3, I just need to record the intro, render it, and then upload it. Kevin and I already rocked out the commentary. We had an epic recording session when I went back to the central coast for the weekend. We recorded 2 Jelly Jam vids, and Part 2 of the European Open for lcgm8.

After part 3 is done it’s on to the Santa Maria Open MPO lead card. Philo, Peter McBride, Jeff Faes, and Kyle Eckmann. Kyle did really well at Worlds this year, and played really well at Waller. Kevin was on the away camera, and I was on the behind the Tee camera so we got some great footage. We both shot in 60p (60 frames per second), so the video came out really smooth. They played 36 holes, and we got dual camera on almost all of them. It was a beautiful day at Waller, and they were playing some amazing disc, this one’s gonna be good. Unfortunately for you guys Youtube downgrades the video to 30 frames per second, so if you want a 60p copy on blu ray or for download, let me know and we can figure something out.


Hey gang, so as you may have noticed there has been a little break inbetween videos. This is due to the fact that I moved. I was offered a great new job in San Diego, and had to take it. This will have a couple effects on the channel, some good, some bad. On the bad news side of things I’m 5 hours away from Kevin, so commentary sessions are going to be a little harder to come by. I’m still editing my little heart out, so when we do finally get to record (hopefully this weekend), we’ll have a bunch of videos to do. So expect a little break, and then more vids.  On the good new side of things this will let us cover more tourneys. I can get the LA/SD stuff, and Kevin can get the Santa Cruz / Central Coast stuff. For example I’m going to go record the San Diego Open in a little bit, I wouldn’t have been able to do that before.

On the editing side, a I’ve got Jelly Jam part 2 ready for commentary, and I’m about halfway done with part 3. I’ll definitely get that done before this weekend, and I want to see if I can bang out part 1 of the Santa Maria Open.  That should be some absolutely sick footage, dual cameras for 36 holes. Philo Brathwaite, Kyle Eckman, Peter McBride, and Jeff Faes.  Kevin had the idea of bringing in guest commentators, such as Peter McBride (one the guys playing). So we’ll see if we can make that happen. We can’t wait to get that vid out for you guys.

Jelly Jam MPO Lead Card Part 1 – Chris Shotwell, Jon Baldwin, Shasta Criss, Jason Oclese

I was in Oregon when this went down so Kevin and our buddy Tim recorded the final round of the Jelly Jam at Ryan Ranch in Monterey, CA. Tim filmed the lead card, and Kevin filmed the chase card. Huge thanks to both of them for making the 4 hour drive and 4 hours of filming they did that day. It was Tim’s first time recording so it’s not perfect, but it should be better in the future. You only get better, I’m sure I was garbage when I started. That said it’s a great battle with Chris Shotwell (sick last name, and he’s got a cannon), Jon Baldwin (2011 Masters World Champion, and really nice guy), Shasta Criss (super awesome dude, and ridiculously good disc golfer), and Jason Oclese (a Monterey local with crazy disc golf skills). Kevin recorded Peter McBride, Lewis Bitney, and a couple other guys I need to figure out. I’ll bust that out when I’m done w/ the lead card.  I may jump ahead to the Santa Maria Open MPO lead card that Kevin and I are recording tomorrow. It’s got Philo Brathwaite, Kyle Eckmann, Jeff Faes, and Peter McBride. It’s pretty tight so that should be a good battle with some great players. Dual camera is gonna make that vid sick!

Ryan Ranch is a great mix of holes, probably one of the best I’ve played. For the tournament they had a 30 hole layout setup. It’s a very good test of a golfer. There are long holes, short holes, open holes, wooded holes, holes where you shoot up, holes where you shoot down, and everything inbetween. About the only bad part is the airport right next door, as it can get kinda loud sometimes. Other than that it’s a beautiful course, with a world class layout (it was one of the 2011 Worlds courses). Here is part 1 of 3 videos of the MPO lead card. This is the first 10 holes, we hope you like it!